Museum Quilts offers a wide selection of American made handmade quilts & quilt tops All are constructed using traditional patchwork and or hand applique quilt techniques. Our quilts are unique in many ways. Our works are not the type of quilts you will find in the retail marketplace. We view ourselves and our work as Quilt Artist. We choose the very best way to complete each of our works to enhance the look and value each quilt offers.

Our quilts are completed in our Missouri Quilting Studios at the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks. We offer both finished quilts and quilt tops. Quilt tops allows us to customize the top before quilting for a truly custom made work accommodating our clients request for size , their choice of quilting style, and coordinating final borders and more, which can be ready for your family in only a few short days. Our Quilts are also Limited Edition quilts. We do not mass produce our quilts.

Only a handful of each design made. Usually less than 10 of a pattern are made. When they are sold out, they can never be exactly recreated again, as the fabrics will have changed, and the quilting motifs and such will be slightly different. Each of our quilts are Unique, as the choices of backing fabrics, quilting motifs etc. will change even within the limited edition of the series.